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About us

Our Mission and Vision

Mission –To advance understanding of marine mammal species in our Kenyan waters, through public participation and consistent research, developing ecotourism and economic potentials, and fostering conservation values for the mutual benefit of coastal communities and for the health of marine mammal populations.

Vision – To reduce the threats to dolphin, whale and dugong along the Kenya coast and create a harmonious marine and coastal environment for people and marine life placing a value on the lives of marine mammals

Who we are

The Kenya Marine Mammal Research and Conservation (KMMREC), is a coastwide program operating within Kenya, collecting information about marine mammals, through targeted or focused studies and opportunistic data since 2010.

KMMREC commenced as part of Watamu Marine Association’s- Marine Mammal Project, formed as a flagship program. Our work was originally concerned with gathering information on inshore species in the specific Watamu Marine Protected Area up until 2016. In 2011 we helped form the national citizen science group the Kenya Marine Mammal Network (KMMN) collecting opportunistic data coast wide. KMMREC expanded in 2017 with an outreach program leading us to start conducting surveys along the Kenya coast in Malindi, and latterly in the unexplored north within Ungwana bay and Lamu archipelago prospectively.

Our Objectives

  • To expand our research conservation and education programs along the coast to include remote areas.
  • To focus on vulnerable inshore species and especially IUCN Red List Endangered exploring remote areas, where there is scant information about populations and distribution, using visual surveys and acoustic monitoring.
  • To incorporate preventative and management solutions to anthropogenic threats for marine mammal welfare, including bycatch and net entanglement and noise pollution.
  • To encourage alternative income funding sources to artisnal fishing including tourism.
  • To promote and market responsible dolphin and whale watching along the coast.
  • To recruit and train local community members as ocean guardians.
  • To increase public awareness of marine mammals in Kenya, from a national heritage perspective.
  • To participate in national and regional marine mammal conservation strategies with our partners.

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