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Our mission is to help create marine mammal awareness by connecting people with marine life and the ocean and by introducing economic benefits to the poorer coastal Kenyan communities.

Our small committed team is working as Watamu Marine Association (WMA), a leading organisation in Kenya, working to obtain consistent information about whales and dolphins in Kenya to help formulate a national protection plan. Since 2010 our Kenya Marine Mammal Research and Conservation (KMMREC) Program has been the longest continuous coastal marine mammal protection initiate focused locally in the Malindi Watamu Protected Area.

There is however a lack of information on dolphin and whale populations in the remoter parts of the Kenya coast and beyond protected areas. In these areas fishing is the primary industry which can cause injury and death to inshore dolphin and whale populations through accidental catch. We are most concerned about the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin, the Indo- Pacific bottlenose dolphin and the migrating humpback whale.

Your contribution will sponsor:

  • Monitoring of the health and population of Kenyan dolphins and whales, though our surveys
  • New research initiatives to help protect and rescue whale and dolphins from environmental and anthropogenic threats, including rescue from nets and fishing gears
  • Public outreach and education to protect dolphins and whales recruiting fishermen as marine mammal scouts
  • Helping to save species and maintain populations.
  • Training the next generation of conservation leaders and citizen scientists.

  • To help us help them we accept contributions and donations and applies the funds directly to the KMMREC’s research and conservation activities. We provide personal updates to show how your donation helps change.

    To make a contribution, please contact: Jane

The WMA will gladly accept loans of boats, vehicles, other equipment and accommodation that may help our dolphin and whale research projects. We provide reciprocity and will credit donors on our media and advertise service providers as dolphin and whale friendly

A Swedish charity has been supporting our work highlighting the challenges and achievements of Michael Mwangombe as an impactor, through his vlog. Follow Michael and donate now to fight extinction

Donate now to fight extinction

Your support is of great importance. Thank you for your help