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Lamu Archipelago and Kiunga
Area of Importance

Marine Mammal Diversity

Dugong Dugon, Megaptera Novaeangliae,
Sousa Plumbea, Tursiops aduncus.

The Lamu Archipelago and Kiunga AoI is located in the coastal waters of northern Kenya adjacent to the Somalia border. Within the AoI is the Kiunga National Marine Reserve. Currently there hasen't been a systemantica data collection to gather enough data to classfy this Area as an IMMA. KMMREC in collaboartion with KWS and local stake holders will be starting a project to collect enough evidence that can support application of this area as an Impportant Marine Mammal Area.

Qualifying Species and Criteria

Unconfirmed - pending further assessment

Qualifying Criteria

  • Unconfirmed - pending further assessment.

Kisite-Shimoni Facts

Size in Square Kilometers

- 726 km2

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