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Adopt An Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin

Adopt An Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin

We have two species of dolphin for you to adopt as a gift for family or friends, or a treat for yourself

Some consider the humpback dolphin to be the “canary in the coal mine”, the early indicator of the health of our oceans. With numbers declining and its conservation status reassessed to “endangered” due to human activities such as bycatch and net entanglement, port development, boat strikes and noise pollution they are on the priority protection list.

While we have so far confirmed 141 and 168 bottlenose individuals in Malindi : Watamu and Kisite – Mpunguti respectively, numbers of humpbacks are estimated at a total no more than 60 in the two protected areas.

Amina, Rehema, Hassan and Ali are dolphins that are capable of travelling more than 180kms to feed and breed, possibly travelling long distances because of changing habitat and decreasing family numbers.

Consider adopting a humpback dolphin and give the species a fighting chance. KMMREC need to study the remoter areas of the Kenyan coast to uncover the last humpback dolphin sanctuaries and keep them safe. Already we are studying a previously unknown population in a secluded area of Malindi using visual and audio studies. Adopting a humpback dolphin will help us replicate our research along the coast to help us understand the areas they prefer.

The more we know, the more we protect.
  • An adoption certificate,
  • A recycled plastic dolphin keyring made from marine litter from our friends EcoWorld Recycling,
  • A signed dolphin sketch by Michael Mwang’ombe
  • Up to two updates when we see your dolphin and or news of how your donation is helping the program

Famous humpbacks for you to adopt

Mr Double Decker

Scar Tail

Eagle Face/AKA Ali




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