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KMMREC was launched in 2010. While marine mammal studies had been continuing on the south coast since 2007 with Global Vision International, apart from a KWS aerial study done in 1996 there was little information about marine mammal populations in the north. The initial aim was to focus on the inshore species found in the south Malindi – Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve (Watamu) (MWMPA) looking at gathering baseline data on preferred habitat and distribution.

The aim of the project is to collect data to enable us to identify the different species in the MWMPA, populations numbers and distribution. Threats to the animals are also assessed which can include dolphin watching and bycatch, in 2017 KMMREC extended the study area to include north MWMPA, (Malindi) a previously unstudied location.

Our current projects from 2020 will be extended to include Ungwana Bay and Lamu Archipelago. We also manage the Kenya Marine Mammal Network citizen science group in collecting opportunistic data, from fishermen, other marine users and also Marine Mammal Observers (MMO’s).

3 inshore locations along the Kenyan coast have been targeted for consistent research...

KMMREC commenced in 2010 on a local basis focusing on the inshore species of marine mammal found in the south Malindi

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